Large Commissions - Bakers Pantry

Fancy earning large commissions (10-25%) for telling your website visitors, e-mail subscribers or followers about some of the most delicious luxury biscuits on the market

Bakers Pantry is super easy to promote, because it is unique, offers the customer something special and people love delicious treats!

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You can earn thousands of pounds each month by suggesting Bakers Pantry. For example, how easy do you think it would be to "sell" the finest hand picked biscuits from the best British bakers with massive discounts to members.

Let people know about the great introductory offer currently available to first time customers, which gives them the chance to try a huge selection of delicious award winning biscuits at discounted prices.  You won't find Bakers Pantry luxury biscuits in any supermarkets and the quality is unrivalled.

With Bakers Pantry recently being featured in both Delicious and Olive Magazines, brand awareness is currently at an all time high, making it a hot brand to share with your website visitors, e-mail subscribers or social network followers.

You will receive a minimum commission of 10% per sale but on certain items this rises to 25%! The average cash reward is £3.60 for a Bakers Pantry sale.

bakers pantry
10-25% per sale
Average Commission
Commission Rate
10% - 25%
Top 10 Earnings Per Click
Overall Earnings Per Click
Top 10 Site Conversion
1 in 6purchase
Overall Site Conversion
1 in 17 purchase