Great Commissions - Cocoa Boutique

Want to entice your website visitors, e-mail subscribers or followers with some of the most delicious chocolate available?

Well look no further as Cocoa Boutique is offering some of the smoothest & most luxurious chocolates available to buy anywhere.

And you can make HUGE commissions in the process.

The thing is, recommending chocolate of this stunning quality is incredibly easy and we will reward you every time you successfully recommend somebody to buy from Cocoa Boutique.

You read that right! We will pay you to recommend chocolate to people. And it really is as easy as it sounds.


Cocoa Boutique celebrates the very best chocolatiers from around the world. That’s correct, the very best! So your customers can indulge in the most elegant, mouthwatering chocolates available.

Remember, we want to reward you for recommending Cocoa Boutique to your customers / readers, and that is why we will give you £14 for every full price (£34.95) Cocoa Boutique selection sold and 10% to 40% for everything else!

So how and why do you get paid? Its simple, all you need to do is share Cocoa Boutique with your visitors, e-mail subscribers and social network followers.

I’m sure they won’t need much encouragement though… encouraging people to eat chocolate doesn’t take a lot of prodding! ;)

iLikeThis™ offer plenty of tools and guides to help you spread the word with the minimum of fuss so start sharing this amazing chocolate selection TODAY!

Coca Boutique
10% - 40% per sale
Average Commission
Commission Rate
Top 10 Earnings Per Click
Overall Earnings Per Click
Top 10 Site Conversion
1 in 8 purchase
Overall Site Conversion
1 in 22 purchase

How Does It Work?

If you have existing websites, followers or e-mail subscribers then you can send them to Cocoa Boutique or any of our Liked brands and earn large commissions. If you don't, then no worries – we can show you how to create websites, get followers and build subscribers.

All your sales are tracked via a unique link that we give you. By promoting brands you like and customers love, you will convert more of your traffic, earn higher commissions and benefit from repeat traffic.

Tools To Help You

Internet marketing is easy, if you have the right tools and likable brands to promote!

Cocoa Boutique is supported by an iLikeThis marketing manager and a truckload of tools and resources to make your job easy.

Within seconds you can:

  • Tell all your Facebook friends
  • Tell all your E-mail contacts
  • Request refer friend cards
  • Find new people to share with
  • Thousands of internet marketers, just like you are joining iLikeThis on a weekly basis… Because it is easy to earn great commissions on our Liked brands and on Cocoa Boutique!

    How It Works

    If you're new to internet marketing, our team will show you what to do – if you're experienced, then marketing just got easier and more profitable.

    • 1:Join us and receive £5 in your account
    • 2:You will then receive a unique link
    • 3:You can send this link to your contacts
    • 4:If a contact buys, we track the sale
    • 5:Your account gets credited with £££
    • 6:You receive payment from us!

    It really is that simple. And to help you further you get access to a dedicated marketing manager who will show you how to build websites and generate traffic!

    When marketing a likable brand, you will realise how much easier marketing actually is.